Best Welding Table You Can Buy: Best Portable Welding Tables


The welding table is the portable workstation of any welder. You can keep all the equipment, safety gears and accessories on the table and you can still move it very easily. But there are a lot of portable welding tables in the market. Each welding table has its own advantages and disadvantages and in all that, we found ourselves in the dilemma of choosing the best welding table for our workstation.

Here we are going to discuss all the affordable and portable welding tables that you can buy for your welding workstation.

1. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table

The Strong Hand Tools provides you with a welding table and clamps which is made from strong carbon steel. The dimensions of this table are 30in.W x 20in.L with three 1 inch slots inside it and you can insert clamps on any slot. The best thing I found in this was that you can insert the clamps as per your need. You can easily adjust the table horizontally and 30-degree angle from 24 to 32 inches. If we talk about the material used, it is zinc-plated 14-ga. Steel construction and 1020 carbon steel frame have been used that makes it durable for a longer period of time. The important thing is that this is foldable welding table and you can move it anywhere easily.

2. Klutch Steel Welding Table

Klutch produces a number of products, one of which is a welding machine and also makes welding tables. This welding table also comes with a tool kit that includes a metal fitted 24-pc. The dimensions of this table are 36in.L x 24in.W x 33 1 / 4in.H which is a fixed position table with sheet width 4mm and frame width 2mm. If I say straight, then it has been using completely with steel material. The sheet of this welding table has 16mm holes in every 2 inches, which helps to fix other metals. If we talk about its weight load, then you can keep the weight of up to 600 lbs on it. You can use this welding table for your workshop and garage.

3. KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table

This welding table is made by a KASTFORCE, which manufactures strong accessories. It is a portable welding table, with 4 heavy-duty bearings and 3 inches swivels that come with brake functions. This welding table also has a heavy storage tray in which you can also keep the rest of your tools including helmet, welding gloves. If we talk about the sheet above the table, it is 2.8mm wide and after every 2 inches, there are 16mm holes on the entire sheets. With the help of holes, you can adjust the metal and make welding easily. I liked its simple design in this, I mean its finishing is quite good.

4. Miller Electric 300837 Work Surface

Miller Electric is a well-known company that makes welder & welding accessories, one of which also has welding tables. The dimension of this welding table is 36in.L x 24in.W x 33in.H which is a good work surface. This welding table is foldable and available in a blue color, which also looks very attractive. If we talk about the width of the work surface so it is approximately 4 inches. The frame of this welding table is made of complete steel. With the help of a strong steel frame, this table holds a load capacity of up to 500 lbs. I claim that you will enjoy working on this welding table, and whoever sees you working on this table will have a good impression of you.

5. Adjustable Steel Welding Table – Chicago Electric Welding

This welding table is made by the Chicago Electric Welding. The dimension of this welding table is 30in.L x 19in.W x 32in.H which is a decent working surface. The heavy-duty steel surface used in it has been mounted with zinc plates so that it can resist the rust. This welding table has 4 slots that help you in clamping and reducing heat. In this welding table, trestle-style legs have been used for maximum stability. As I told you, this welding table is made of heavy-duty steel that can easily bear 350 lbs of load capacity.

6. HOBART Folding Welding Table

The HOBART company also makes welding accessories, one of which is a welding table. It is a foldable welding table whose work surface is made of solid steel. The dimension of this welding table is 35in.L x 19.5in.W x 34in.H which is a good work surface and the width of its work surface sheet is 1.8 inch. This welding table is very well designed. The frame of this welding table is made of steel which has a weight load capacity of up to 400 lbs. This table looks very simple, but you can easily do your welding work on it also, this table is fire resistant.

7. Champ Welding Table

This welding table is made by Champ which uses heavy-duty metal in its products. The work surface of this welding table is circular whose diameter is 24 inches and the height of the table is 37 inches. Below this table are rolling wheels, with the help of which you can rotate the work station up to 360 degrees. You can easily work on this welding table. This table is perfect for you if you want to buy it for small welding projects. If you are okay with the circular work surface, go for it.

Best Portable Welding Tables: Final Words

These are some of the best welding tables you can buy for your welding workstation. The above mentioned welding tables are made of high grade steel and alloy. You can buy any of the welding tables mentioned above. Most of them are extremely portable.

The Miller welding Table and the Howard welding tables are my personal favourite but they are not perfect as it does not comes with wheels. Its hard to move these tables when MIG welder and other tools are on the workstation. For the best portable welding table, KASTFORCE seems just perfect. It has wheels that make it portable, and it has different sections to keep the Welder, welding helmet, gloves and other welding accessories.

Hope that list of best welding table helped you in finding your perfect welding table. If you have any other option in mind, do let us know.

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